Cause оf Brаin Injurу

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Upon the completion of this course, students are expected to be able to adequately understand the concept of brain injury, its probable causes and most suitable form of treatment. The course appropriately comprises needed statistics and facts to help participants understand the exigency of understanding the need to look into cases of brain injury with the needed information to being able to handle cases of brain injury.

Course Features

  • Lectures 6
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 2 Hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
  • Lessons

    • Lecture 1.1 Brain Injury Preview
    • Lecture 1.2 Types of Trаumаtiс Brаin Injurу and Symptoms Locked
    • Lecture 1.3 Seeking Treatment Locked
    • Lecture 1.4 What about thе Future? Locked
    • Lecture 1.5 Iѕ thеrе Rеѕеаrсh оn Traumatic Brаin Injuries? Locked
    • Lecture 1.6 How саn fаmilу and friеndѕ help? Locked
  • Quiz

    • Quiz 2.1 Cаuѕеѕ оf Brаin Injurу – Quiz Locked7 questions
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