First Aid AHA

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After You Complete the Course Please Text 9546089254 For your ECard.  On the The Text message please sent your Full name and License number. Your Ecard will be email to you.

Welcome to the American Coronary heart Affiliation Heartsaver® First Assist Course. This course gives
a framework for studying fundamental expertise which will save a life or stop additional harm. As cofounder
of the Nationwide First Assist Science Advisory board, the AHA is devoted to lower demise and
incapacity when an emergency occurs. The AHA believes that YOU could make a distinction. We
thanks most sincerely for taking this course.
Our thanks go to the numerous volunteers and workers who made this course attainable. There usually are not
phrases to precise the gratitude felt for his or her ardour, experience, and numerous hours of labor.

Course Features

  • Lectures 26
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 4.0 Hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
  • First Aid basic

    • Lecture 1.1 Rescure Duties Preview
    • Lecture 1.2 Victim and Rescuer Safety Locked
    • Lecture 1.3 Phoning for Help Locked
    • Lecture 1.4 Finding the Problem (*Skill You Will Demonstrate) Locked
    • Lecture 1.5 After the Emergency Locked
  • Part 2 Medical Emergency

    • Lecture 2.1 Medical Emergency Preview
    • Lecture 2.2 Choking in an Adult Locked
    • Lecture 2.3 Allergic Reactions Locked
    • Lecture 2.4 Heart Attack Locked
    • Lecture 2.5 Fainting Locked
    • Lecture 2.6 Diabetes and Low Blood Sugar Locked
    • Lecture 2.7 Stroke Locked
    • Lecture 2.8 Seizure Locked
    • Lecture 2.9 Shock Locked
  • Part 3: Injury Emergencies

    • Lecture 3.1 Injury Emergencies Locked
    • Lecture 3.2 Wounds Locked
    • Lecture 3.3 Bleeding You Can’t See Locked
    • Lecture 3.4 Head, Neck, and Spine Injuries Locked
    • Lecture 3.5 Broken Bones and Sprains Locked
    • Lecture 3.6 Burns and Electrical Injuries Locked
  • part 4 Environmental Emergencies,

    • Lecture 4.1 Bites and Stings Locked
    • Lecture 4.2 Heat-Related Emergencies Locked
    • Lecture 4.3 Cold-Related Emergencies Locked
    • Lecture 4.4 Poison Emergencies Locked
    • Lecture 4.5 First Aid Skills Summary Locked
    • Lecture 4.6 conclusion Locked
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