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The Home Health Aide program is to enable students to acquire the skills necessary to enter the medical support field as a Home Health Aide. Students will become proficient in personal care for homebound patients, including providing personal hygiene care; they will help with self-medication and other assistance as needed. The core curriculum of the program focuses on the theoretical aspects of assisting patients that are homebound, with some of the program time devoted to in-class clinical practice. As the program progresses, the student expands upon the knowledge gained in the initial theoretical training and lab experiences.

Defining Home Health Services 16 hours

HHA’s assist the chronically ill, elderly, and family caregivers. This course focuses on the payers, purpose of the role, the role of the HHA, managed care team, professionalism and the legal and ethical aspects of the role.

Foundations of Client Care 16 hours

This course focuses on communication, reporting, infection control and universal precautions, patient safety, and body mechanics and how to respond to medical emergencies.

Understanding Clients 8 hours

This course is designed to guide the student in understanding cultural diversity, human development, stages of grief, illness, and dying. It also discusses observing and reporting processes.                                                                                                                        

Client Care 11 hours

This course reviews the importance of mobility and the importance of skin integrity in bed confined patient. It also discusses personal care, vital signs, maintaining comfort measures as well as catheter and ostomy care, and assisting with medications.

Special Clients, Special Needs 12 hours

In this course, the participant will learn concepts of disabilities and mental illness. We will also discuss special conditions including cancer, chronic diseases, hip or knee replacements, dementia.

Home Management and Nutrition 8 hours

This course will provide an overview of housekeeping, proper nutrition, special diets, preparing and storing meals, and money management.Caring for Yourself 4 hours This course is designed to guide the participant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes stress management, proper diet and exercise, and continuing education.

HIV/AIDS 4 hours

This course provides knowledge and understanding of HIV infections and AIDS. Details of how HIV is transmitted, ways to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, and treatment.

CPR 4 hours

This hands-on skills training prepares the participants to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies and also to administer CPR.

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